This is a hip, Thai cooking show featuring recipes, call-in, travel and history remotes, guests (non-cooking, Asian-American), DJs and bands (again, Asian-American or Asian), recorded in the swanky bar of Mekala’s Restaurant.

Thai cuisine is the fourth most popular in America. It is also a “young” cuisine in the sense that people 40 and younger have grown up with it as a fact of food life. Asian culture is also very hip — from anime and Miyazake (“Spirited Away”) to Chow Yun Fat and Jet Li to Yao Ming. But it is very under-represented.

I think The Siam Society would serve a very under-served group of listeners and distinguish itself by being bold, hip and smart.

A companion publication could be launched with the TV show: a consumer magazine devoted to Thai food. It could have travel pieces, articles on restaurants, recipes, beverage coverage and cooking tips. It could be paired up with a trade publication covering the industry for Thai restaurateurs. If you did all three you would establish a brand presence: The Siam Society (TV show), Mekala: The Magazine for Thai Gourmets and Thai Food (trade magazine).


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