BLOGSSARY: A Guide to Blogging Terms

With blogs gaining more and more public attention, I think it would be useful to provide those interested in learning about them with a glossary, demystifying somewhat the closed world of the blogosphere. Language is a passport and for those who wish to join the more than eight million who write blogs and 40.5 million who read them, this introductory dictionary may make the journey easier and more rewarding. The following are the most commonly used terms in the blogging world.

Automat: a blog, focusing primarily on the author; most celebrity blogs
Blog: short for web log; an online diary; a site or page consisting of posts published in reverse chronological order; often characterized by mutual linking, quotation and aggregation
Blogfired: fired from a job due to one’s blog
Bloggar: a blogger who uses derisive or profane language or leaves such comments on others’ blog
Blogger: one who writes or contributes to a blog
Blogography: a blog author’s bio or “about me” entry
Blogologue: an ideological blogger immune to reason or common sense
Blogorno: a pornographic website masquerading as a blog; the material found thereon
Blogosphere: all blogs taken as a whole; the virtual world thereof, characterized by passion and direct speech
Blogsylvania: an excessive ‘forest’ of blogs all owned by one person
Blogotha: an abandoned blog; one created but never posted to
Blogirl: female blogger, patronizing
Blogoogle: to search for blog material via search engine
Blogssary: a glossary of blogging terms
Blogothustra: a blogging guru
Blogroll: the links in the sidebar of a blog
Blogther: a fellow blogger
Blogzi: an overzealous proponent of blogging conventions
Blorg: a marketing or propaganda site masquerading as a blog
Blork: term of derision for foolish blogger and his or her blog
Feed: see RSS
Meme: a idea communicated through the blogosphere
MSM: mainstream media
News aggregator: a software program or site that receives postings from selected blogs
Permalink: a link to a specific post
Permafrost: permalinks to a deleted blog
Post: a blog entry
Post office: a blog devoted to workplace issues
Reach around: a conversation in a comment space that goes off topic
RSS: “real simple syndication”; a method of receiving blog postings via a news aggregator; also “Atom Feed”
Trackback: a cryptological coda fixed transversely to an automat

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