Yesterday was Dydd Dewi Sant, which I did not know until I listened to a BBC show from yesterday just now. As a Welshman, I quickly realized I had sinned greviously and promptly punched myself in the face, as is the custom in Wales.

I should have known it was Dydd Dewi Sant, as the daffodils had popped out all at once in splashes of yellow all over town.


  1. enid says:

    The punching in the face bit is only for stray English people who denigrade our Patron Saint. The Cymry are they only people in Britain who have a fellow countryman as their patron saint. The English have a Turk as their patron saint, the Scots have a Jew and the Irish have a Welshman. I have also been twice to St David’s which is the equivalent of one pilgrimage to Rome. I might try walking to St David’s next time, which will be my third visit to the smallest city in Wales, and that will be equivalent to a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

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