TULSA WORLD: Open For Dumbness! (in part or in whole)

From kitten-eating cyborg:

Ed Cone reports that a clueless Tulsa newspaper is suing a blogger not only for “reproducing” parts of its articles… but also for linking to it without permission! The Blogger, Michael Bates, writes:

“‘I believe I have respected the World’s copyrights within the fair-use exemption. Let the World name the specific articles in which it alleges that I have exceeded fair use. I have violated no law by directing readers to the Tulsa World’s own website to read the Tulsa World’s own content as the World itself presents it.’

“Bates’ blog post includes the full letter from the clueless Tulsa World’s Vice President, John R. Bair. What in the world is this guy thinking? Is he clueless? Bates is appealing to the blogosphere for help:

“‘This is the old media trying to intimidate their critics in the new media into silence. It has repercussions for any blogger engaged in media criticism. It strikes at the heart of what blogs do. I’d appreciate your help in putting the blogosphere’s spotlight of shame on this legal threat.'”

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