“You can add me to your list of bloggers whose jobs bit the dust as a result. I may, it appears, have been one of the first back in 2001.

“Up until March 2001, I was investigative reporter for the Honolulu Star-Bulletin, a Honolulu daily newspaper which was in a joint operating agreement with the larger Honolulu Advertiser, owned by Gannett.

“In September 1999, Gannet and the Star-Bulletin’s owner cut a deal to shut down the S-B and terminate the JOA, leaving Gannett’s Advertiser with a monopoly in the city which accounts for about 70 percent of the state’s population.

“Given 60 days notice prior to the closing, I started a blog to document the newspaper’s final days. One thing led to another, a lawsuit was filed, Dept of Justice Anti-Trust Division added pressure, and eventually the S-B was sold to a new owner. It took 18 months.

“Somewhere along the way, though, my blog apparently began to be perceived as a threat by the S-B’s editors, and I got the heave-ho in that mythical moment between the termination of the existing union contract under the old ownership and the new already negotiated and approved contract with the new owners.”


A disproportionate number of fired bloggers have been journalists. Why?

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