Rachel Mosteller, fired reporter for the Durham, N.C. Sun and blogger, The Sarcastic Journalist


They just said, “We saw your website, we’re firing you because of it.” Out the same day. They did not like the whole thing. I kept it anonymous and I thought it was enough to keep it safe. They just didn’t like what I was writing. They didn’t seem to understand that most of what I was saying was sarcastic. I’ve never exactly found out how they found the blog. A coworker somehow found out about it and turned me in. I had a personal website at one time with my name on it that at one time had been linked to the blog, though it was long gone. As careful as people are to be anonymous you’re eventually going to slip.

I was pregnant when fired. I’m not going to go back (to journalism) permanently because I didn’t like it. I talked to a bunch of lawyers after I got fired. Really, you can get fired for anything. It’s called at-will employment. That’s what a lot of these people don’t understand. It’s been a blessing, though. If I were still working my child would be in daycare and I’d be miserable.