Blogfired: Lee Rainey

Lee Rainie, Founding Director of the Pew Internet & American Life Project and lead author of “The state of blogging”


One of the ongoing things the internet has introduced into people’s lives is what the new etiquette and sensibilities need to be. The boundary between what is intimate and private and, on the other hand, what is publishing-to-the-world is indistinct. In fact, it’s damned indistinct.

(Blogging) will probably look like the standard tech adoption curve in the past two or three generation – radio, TV, PCs, video. It all looks the same. There is a relatively extended period, which the internet has foreshortened, during which only most sophisticated early adopters like it because it’s new, not useful. Down the road there comes a take-off point, and it can take off almost instantaneously these days. At some point it tops off. It tops off at the number of people who have devices that will make this happen – not just computers. It plateaus when you run out of devices. It’s a classic s-curve.

The number of workplace episodes has to keep going up. It’s the new thing in the workspace, the new thing in people’s lives. It’s very contextual. The codes haven’t been written yet.

Internet has made this era one of conversation and feedback. Employers should engage in this conversation with employees as soon as possible. Not worry about brightline rules everyone can agree on right away.

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