Blogfired: Jonathan Schwartz

Jonathan Schwartz, President and COO of Sun Microsystems and blogger, Jonathan’s Blog; and Noel Hartzell, spokesman for the office of the COO



At the highest level one of the things that separates Sun from others is that our culture mirrors our business mission – distributive computing. We have a network culture. We seek information outside the walls of the company. Sharing becomes beneficial. The network manifests itself not only technically but socially.


Sun embraces the network for more than simply technological reasons, but socially as well. It is a natural extension of a well-defined corporate culture

We are very definitely aware that conventional wisdom is an oxymoron. We’ve always been a company to take risks. Communication creates community.

Companies that view blogging as threat to their business are the same as see cell phones as threat or computers.

Well over 1000 (Sun employees) have been given space for blogging. There’s no restraint on what they can blog about. We provide tools and expect them to use them responsibly. Restricting what you can write on a blog is the same as restricting what you can say in an email or a phone call. If they aren’t speaking as an employee, well, we live in a country that values free speech.

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