Blogfired: Jonathan Abrams

Jonathan Abrams, Founder & Chairman of the social networking company Friendster


We have a standard confidentiality policy. Back when I was working at Netscape a lot of employees had personal homepages on the Netscape server. You were not only allowed but encouraged to do it. There were issues back then of what you could put on it, about employees talking to press, what you could say at conferences, so the issue of people communicating outside your company has been around a long time. There’s not really that much that’s new. It’s common sense and confidentiality.

The (blogging) issue is one of immediacy. (Bloggers are) so intent on impressing other people that they don’t take the time to check what they’re allowed to say. Blogging is a good amplifier. Blog on blogging and people within that community take it seriously. Statistically, compared to all the other things going on in the business world, I don’t think there’s an epidemic.

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