Blogfired: Ellen Simonetti

Ellen Simonetti, fired flight attendant for Delta Airlines and blogger, Diary of a Flight Attendant and the Bloggers’ Rights Blog


I was forbidden from flying (as a Delta flight attendant) on September 25, 2004. A week and half later on October 6 I was suspended. I was fired on October 29 and terminated officially on November 1, allegedly for “inappropriate pictures,” in which I was wearing my Delta outfit in a playful pose.

Men who had similar photos on their sites were not disciplined. I filed an EEOC sex discrimination complaint on October 8. Due to the firing coming after my complaint I amended it to include retaliation.

I removed the pictures (on my blog) right after the call on September 25. I’m still appealing to get job back directly. If Delta refuses, then a lawsuit could be filed

(Delta) won’t tell me what “inappropriate pictures” means and now they’re saying comments as well. I never mentioned my employer. Only five of 100-200 readers I had prior to firing knew where I worked and probably four of them were airline employees. What was I doing that was inappropriate? They were fun snapshots. On pilot site there are pictures of pilots in flight. Pilots have a union and attendants don’t.

I think it’s the lack of a clear policy (that is the major issue with blogging and work). And they’re trying to interfere with our personal lives, what we do on our own time. Don’t we have a right to talk about what we do for living?

Employers should have clear blogging policy and warning system. I worked at Delta for eight years and had no disciplinary history. I don’t think it’s fair to fire someone because of their blog. It’s their diary. So what if it’s published on your web? That’s just new technology. It’s just about changing employers’ attitudes. They’re looking very backward the way some of these companies have reacted.

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