Blogfired: Doug Simmons

Doug Simmons, Managing Editor of the Village Voice


Whenever anyone approaches me in any form, and frequently when they pitch me a story, I’ll Google them or otherwise follow up online their credentials, specifically, their publication credentials.

I really couldn’t imagine firing anyone for something they wrote unless they revealed proprietary information like upcoming stories. If they picked up some scuttlebutt around the water cooler and discussed something in the works. It really is hard to imagine a situation in which we’d react in a really disciplinary fashion. We link to two of our sex columnists’ blogs, which are really like personal sex diaries.

We really don’t (have a policy on employees blogging. Some publications ban taking part in protests and so on, but at the Voice there is no restriction on expression. I’m particularly grateful to be at the Voice where we err on the side of perhaps too much freedom.

Some blogs I find repellent, like those that broadcast traffic accidents and so on, and we don’t have anything to do with that sordid violent content, but some of our writers probably do. Even if they get involved we can keep it separated from Voice endorsement.

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