Blogfired: David Sifry

David Sifry, CEO of the blog search engine Technorati and blogger, Sifry’s Alerts


(Technorati lists) over 5.5 million blogs. 55% of those have been updated within last three months, which is constant since last year. There are 700K posts per day and 23,000 new blogs created every day.

Stop thinking of a blog as just a website. Nokia allows its users to upload phone information into a blog-like thing, “Lifeblog.” NextAmerica and Flickr are growing geometrically as well. The number of bloggers is not limited by internet users, but by phone users.

As of Sept of 2004, we (found) 5,000 corporate bloggers, bloggers who were blogging from a corporate domain or are officers of a corporation.

(Our blogging policy) is very simple. There are two rules: Use common sense; if you do not use common sense you’re going to get a visit from me. We trust our employees fundamentally. We have the best employees in the world.

When you’re blogging you’re acting as the voice of the company. We’re being incredibly transparent as a company. Putting too many rules on it at this stage stifles it. People are finding a new way to communicate with each other and that’s fundamentally disruptive in many ways.
There are two, Sun and Microsoft, and us (who have blogging policy). Everybody else is trying to let it be covered under other H.R. policies.

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