Blogfired: Bob Stambaugh

Bob passed away December 1 in Hawai’i. Our condolences go out to his family and friends.


Bob Stambaugh, President of human resources technology consultancy Kapa’a Associates and Management Consultant with HRchitects


Yes (blogging) is (on the human resources radar) in several different ways. There is a concern already about people who blog saying something negative about the company or discussing information that could be proprietary. H.R. is concerned about the legal and policy implications of blogging.

What I’d say to bloggers is, take a look at corporate policy and make sure it doesn’t conflict with what you’re doing. What I’d say to the companies is, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Blogging can encourage creativity and leads to the capturing of tacit knowledge, capturing experience.

Any structure that constrains less knowledge is being logged. Right now we’re kind of in a race: companies are trying to get control of blogs because they see them as more of a threat than a promise. Knowledge management types are trying to prevent them from being crushed. The real question is, will the informal approach demonstrate value soon enough?

In general H.R. directors are looking at blogging policy as an extension of their current policy. We are not at the point yet where blogging is considered separate enough.

Through the grapevine I have heard that some companies are beginning to do a preliminary search or screen of blogs to find people.

I read “Got Game?,” a book by John Beck and Mitchell Wade. It’s about the entry into the workforce of the gamer generation. What struck me is behavior of people of that generation is so completely different from traditional workforce behavior that it is almost incomprehensible to them. A whole different information culture is emerging. Blogs are a kind of bridge. People who do them don’t see constraints whereas the older generation does.

It you spend any time in I.T. circles you hear plenty of stories of (bloggers) who have crossed the line. There will be a formal blogging policy because H.R. and I.T. can never let things develop by themselves.

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