Blogfired: Blog Employment Survey

UPDATED: According to Mashable, an outfit called Proofpoint has conducted a survey this year that indicates eight percent of respondents (U.S. companies) have fired employees over social media use.


In response to my quest for data on blogging-related dismissals and disciplinary actions, the Society for Human Resource Management elected to survey their members on the topic. Here are some of their findings.


· 3% of respondents indicated they had disciplined employees for blogging within the last 12 months.

· 20% indicated they had fired employees for non-work internet use and 30% that they had disciplined employees for it.

· 4% had fired and 11% had disciplined employees for downloading music and video.

· 5% had fired and 18% had disciplined employees for sending personal emails.


· 3% of respondents indicated that they read potential employees’ blogs as part of the recruiting process.

· 25% indicated they performed Internet-assisted background checks on job candidates.

· 22% of respondents who outsource recruiting indicated that the company they use performed Internet research on candidates.

· 2% indicated their recruiting companies read candidates’ blogs.

Special thanks to Will Gray, Media Affairs Specialist at SHRM, for all his help.

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