Shine On, You Crazy Diamond

Has there been a resurgence of Peru’s homegrown Marxist nutjobs, the Shining Path?

The Peruvian army recently captured the number #2 honcho of the remaining guerillas, Jaime Zuniga. But while Peruvian leaders may characterize this as the “last stand” of the Shining Path, evidence suggests it may not be. With virtually nothing done on the economic front by the Peruvian government since they put Guzman in jail (and a couple of thousand other Sendero members), the Path is getting antsy again. In the last two years some say 400 criminal acts, including the 2002 bombing near the US embassy in Lima that killed 10 and the taking of 71 Argentine oil workers hostage, are a result of Shining Path activities.

Some analysts believe (the poison phrase of journalism but it’s what I got now…) that the fairly weak-in-numbers Shining Path (perhaps in the hundreds of members) has partnered up with Columbia’s FARC, which has 18K members and plenty of dope money. Considering the ostrich-like way the government has acted regarding the root source of insurrection, you have to wonder if SP isn’t simply going to build and build again.

Guzman is in a weird Magneto-esque prison built for him but some say he is still able to get his message out to the folks in the field. Important to remember that this was one murder-lovin’ bunch — an entire army of sociopaths, so it’s particularly nasty the idea that the Khmer Rouge of the Western Hemisphere is on a comeback trail.


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    Word to the Robot.

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