The Eurostar had the most comfortable seat that ever crippled me. My back is still a mess.

After Paris the everyday grace of living was missing from London and the British seemed crass. S. missed the good manners we encountered in Paris. The British are supposed to be well-mannered and the French rude. It is exactly reversed in reality.

However, we went on an open-topped bus tour of the sites, Houses of Parliament, St. Paul’s, etc. and it was quite enjoyable. It, like the canal boats in Amsterdam, offered the opportunity to get on and off along the line at will.

On two consecutive days we saw shows at the Globe – “Measure for Measure” and an all-female “Much Ado About Nothing.” A great experience, though “Measure for Measure” is not a very good play and the all-female “Much Ado About Nothing” was not particularly interesting, despite it being one of my favorite plays.

17 hours had elapsed between the time we left the K&K George and the time we got in our door.