He Who Cannot Be Named

It is pro-business, in that It has, after ruining businesses, now succeeded in ruining business. It is “Christian,” in that It lives Its “life” in direct contravention to the precepts, example and message of Christ. And, like other “social conservatives,” It disregards the Gospel of Christ and replaces it with the Gospel of Conventional Morality. It uses the certitude of faith in the service of Its own impotence, rage, fear of non-existence (failing to realize It already not-exists). It is military, in that It evaded service out of a sense of privilege, selfishness and cowardice, and then paraded around in the uniform. (Sense a pattern developing?) I think that It may be the first true Anti-President. It is the locus through which nothingness escapes non-being.

And, of course, someone will try to kill It. If they fail, it will be the end of all civil rights. If they succeed, it will not matter. I heart Europe but if the U.S. fails Sweden will not point the way to the future. The only hope is to hide in a hole and gouge out the eyes of anyone who approaches. Maybe we’ll hide in a hole in Paris. Maybe in Yachats. The only guarantee now is money and a trowel sharpened on a brick.

Published by Curt

I am a poet and journalist and so on amber so forth in rows magnet.

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