I had rather hear a brazen candlestick turn’d, Or a dry wheel grate on the axle-tree; And that would set my teeth nothing on edge, Nothing so much as mincing poetry — Wm. Shakespeare

Drunks and devils are also men. — Rudolfo Anaya

I don’t bother with psychology. I photograph everything. – Brassai

I have kissed the sick so exquisitely. — Vladimir Mayakovsky

I’m always against the past. –- Tony Wilson

I kid. I kid ‘cause I love. — H. Krustovsky

I read nothing, I believe in nothing, I know only one thing: Twist the neck, twist it further, tear off the head, let nothing remain. — M. Bakunin

I tremble for my nation when I reflect that God is just. – Thomas Jefferson

I’m insane; I’m fucked up. I have problems. But I don’t get depressed, and I don’t get bored. — Warren Zevon

In a fugue state, people can travel long distances for no apparent reason, converse with strangers, appear normal, have no hallucination and no delusion, but eventually return to their original self and original awareness, baffled by finding themselves in a city hundreds of miles from home. — Dart Center For Journalism & Trauma

It must be said, in your defense, it’s been a hard day and you’ve had a great deal to drink. — Wm Holden

Language has run riot in an age of mass communication. It must be reduced to its proper function – the expression of authentic content, rather than its concealment. — Martin Esslin

Language is a solemn thing, it grows out of life, out of its agonies, and its ecstasies, its wants and its weariness. Every language is a temple in which the soul of those who speak it is enshrined. — Oliver Wendell Holmes

No complete son-of-a-bitch ever wrote a good sentence. — M. Cowley

No more fair play. From now on it is dirty pool and judo in the clinches. The savage nuts have shattered the great myth of American decency. – Hunter S. Thompson

One must always think of everything. — Mr. Smith

People find my stupidity all the more shocking because it disappoints their expectations. –- Jean Jacques Rousseau

Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God. – Benj. Franklin

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing. — B. Franklin

Somebody must trespass on the taboos of modern nationalism, in the interest of human reason. — Robert Byron

Somebody’s boring me. I think it’s me. — Dylan Thomas

Stand up straight, say your line and get off stage. — R. Scoggins

Take a circle, caress it, and it will turn vicious. — Mr. Smith

We laugh every time a person gives us the impression of being a thing. — NF Simpson

What you are must always displease you, if you would attain to that which you are not. – St. Augustine

When a bag of black water breaks, AutoImaginary Clown comes.

When disgust leads a man to stop singing, he begins to curse. – W. Haftmann

When I feel that I am singing well, I can taste blood in my mouth. — Tia Antica la Pirinaca

When you’re dead, you’ll be very sorry you didn’t work. — M. de Falla

Wherever we are, knowledge is a homeland and ignorance a foreign place. — Abdul Walid Muhammed Ibn Rushd (Averroes)

To any vision must be brought an eye adapted to what is to be seen, and having some resemblance to it. – Plotinus

Give me health and a day, and I will make the pomp of emperors ridiculous. – Emerson

I’m not an athlete, I’m a baseball player. — J. Kruk

I’m not a comedian, I’m Lenny Bruce. — L. Bruce

I’m a doctor, not an escalator. — L. McCoy

Europe cannot confine itself to the cultivation of its own garden. – King Juan Carlos of Spain

The time to enjoy a European tour is about three weeks after you unpack. – George Ade

The only really materialistic people I have ever met have been Europeans. – Mary McCarthy

People nowadays have such high hopes of America and the political conditions obtaining there that one might say the desires, at least the secret desires, of all enlightened Europeans are deflected to the west, like our magnetic needles. – G.C. Lichtenberg

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I am a poet and journalist and so on amber so forth in rows magnet.

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