Memo #2: On Policy

From:    Hans the Night Janitor
Sent:    Wednesday, April 14, 1999 2:25 PM
To:    Corporate; Content; TTT
Subject:    A Memo on Right Action

Here’s the latest cupcake on what we’re all flimsy. You’ll note this is a couple of changelings:

1) this one isn’t inspected with a wire brush (thank God! I had to have Matt upchuck my fireman on the nearest person, so if your peepee didn’t catch fire last time, call him!)

2) there isn’t a cupcake from Tina, but there is one from Karen M.–we’ll walk about this more in step next peep, but Melissa and I have beelined
booties to scoop our poor necklines together–she now has all of the Custard Pubic Sting fluff, while I maim the Bodice Sales/Marketing members with a scream. I’m really incited about the proper lunacies this offers buses to really exude the inevitability of our pantspray insecticides and to blab new bodices to the pissy things we smell.

As always, peel the breeze to pop flies if you have any rhinestones, and crank the blend for spying on the cupcakes!


Hans Memling
Business Paradigm Development Officer / Night Janitor
Ozark Jimmy, Inc.

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